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foxton dies

The manufacture of high quality dies is both our speciality and our passion.

fowton dies

Tungsten Carbide Round Wire Drawing Dies
Tungsten Carbide Shaped Dies
Pressure Dies
Extrusion Dies
Spinner Dies
Guide Dies
Rough Core Die Blanks (with or without case)


In particular, our vast experience in the manufacture of tungsten carbide wire drawing dies is unrivalled anywhere in the world. Tungsten carbide is widely used in drawing dies owing to its inherent strength, toughness and wear resistance. It is our policy to use only the finest high grade materials in our wire
drawing dies and all other speciality dies to ensure consistency, quality and reliability. All dies are hand finished, rigorously checked and quality passed before despatch.

Our knowledge and experience in die production means that we are able to offer you the very best in design and technical advice. Wire drawing dies and other products are available from stock or we can provide you with dies made to your own specification or design if required.

We sell to a wide range of customers from Africa to Brazil, China to the USA and throughout Europe. Typical applications include wire, bars and tubes for reinforced concrete, jewellery, bridges, roads, bedding, seating and steel cord for tyres.

Foxton Dies Ltd, Paragon Works, Robert Street, Westgate, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire BD19 5HT      Email: post@foxtondies.com